Naval Accidents


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United States Naval Accidents

There have recently been two major accidents involving the US Navy; both involving citizens of foreign countries. The first incident involved the USS Greenville submarine and the second a US Navy Hornet. I have come to believe that that the combination of the two incidents will have a major effect on the performance in future military actions.

With the commander of the USS Greenville given blame for the tragic accident and an investigation beginning of the recent accident our troops moral will without a doubt be lower than the norm. Having the constant reminder of the latest incidents and constant pressure from foreign countries asking questions and demanding answers, our soldiers will have an incredible amount of stress upon them.

It will be interesting to see how each division of the armed forces will respond to the criticism. Will the constant thought of mistake be in the minds of our young soldiers, will they be more cautious and less forceful? There are many more questions to ask ourselves about how these accidents will be affecting the minds of each man and women defending our nation. I think that there will be a definite effect on all people involved serving our country weather it good or bad, the past events will shape the future of our actions.

We cannot forget the impact and image we are inserting in to the minds of foreigners. It is a known fact that we have many countries that would love to see the Americans have an international mistake; that mistake could trigger many more major conflicts in the near future. Many world leaders could see the mistakes of the US as anything but mistakes and use them to fuel their hate towards the Americans, and influence their citizens into believing that we the Americans are the enemies.

Our troops have major influence throughout the world; we cannot afford to have mistakes like these of the past month. Military personal are humans with emotions and, any death of comrades is painful. In addition other world powers will have the possibility to put the US under political fire as their egos are boosted upon our mistakes. It will be essential that it be understood that these two incidents were nothing more than accidents for our troops moral and for our status in the political world to maintain at its high standard.

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