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I’m not sure what to think about this story. I thought it was pretty unique how the author made Sylvia speak like a young uneducated kid would speak. This language makes this short story very effective The story is taking place when she was younger, she’s with a few of her friends and an older woman named, Miss Moore. Miss Moore was a very educated woman and it said that she went to college. She was a positive influence on these kids and she actually like a teacher to them. This adds more to the story, at first you have these young naive kid’s hanging around, then you have this older woman enter the story and she kind of guides these kids. She showed them things that they probably wouldn’t have experienced if she were not there. But she kind of shows and teaches them different things like I guess the concept of money, like when she gave Sylvia the money for the taxi and left it up to her to take care of the tip (even though it didn’t help her).

I think Sylvia never grew up, when she tells the story she still has this really bad attitude, like the world owes her something. I guess she wasn’t brought up to respect your elders and to be thankful for people who cared for you and tried to help you. This story may be a lesson for kids that may take their easy lives at home for granted.

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