Love Hate


Love Hate Essay, Research Paper

Breanne?s Poem

Love/ Hate/ Like

I love it when we talk

and when we make our stupid bets

when u walk away from me

when u make your empty threats

I hate it when I love you

cause i dont know what to say

I hate it how u have to do

everything your way

I like it how your popular

and I am just some kid

if I could turn back time

I?d reverse everything I did


like when I didnt give you

the poems that I wrote

and when I couldnt get

the lump out of my throat

I love you when Im dreaming

cause your all that i see

and when I am awake

I wish that u could be with me

I hate it when your near

cause Im not ready to speak

the words I want to say

and that makes me feel weak

I like how you dont notice

that I am standing there

cause time is what I need

to get my self prepared

to do what will be needed

to tell you how I feel

to share all that I?ve got

so youll know I?m for real.



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