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Johnny Tremain: Mr Lorne Essay, Research Paper

After reading the book Johnny Tremain,

How would you describe Mr. Lorne? You would probably say that he is a friendly

man that helps out other people. He runs a newspaper, called the Boston

Observer , in the colony of Massachusetts where he lives. The newspaper

is well known and popular in the colony. Mr. Lorne is a fine looking man

who is liked throughout the colony.

When Johnny Tremain’s hand was burned,

and he couldn’t find a job anywhere else, Mr. Lorne hired him at the Boston

Observer. Mr. Lorne didn’t care that his hand was burned. He let Johnny

ride one of his horses and deliver the newspapers. Mr. Lorne is a helpful

person when other people need help for one reason or another. He is caring

and friendly, and has many talents that make him successful in life.

Mr. Lorne works and owns a newspaper called

the Boston Observer. The newspaper is well known around Boston and has

a good reputation. He makes a good living off the profitable newspaper.

Mr. Lorne is a Whig, which means he doesn’t like the king, and wants to

be free from Great Britain. The Whigs meet regularly at the Boston Observer

to discuss plans to make America a free country. He is respected by the

people of Boston and is a popular citizen.

If you saw Mr. Lorne in person, you could

describe him in many different ways. You would notice that he is very handsome

. He is not rich, but makes a good living, so he dresses like any other

middle class person in Boston. His blue eyes match almost perfectly with

his dark blond hair. All of these traits make him a fine looking man.

Since he is such a well liked and skilled

person it is hard to name all of his qualities. His blue eyes and blond

hair make him a handsome man. It is a wonder why he isn’t married. He owns

his own newspaper because he is a skilled hard worker. If you knew him

well, you would say that he is one of the most caring and friendly person

you will probably meet in a long time.

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