Into Thin Air


Into Thin Air Essay, Research Paper

If I were to join an expedition to summit Everest I would choose Adventure Consultants over Mountain Madness, mainly because of Hall?s reputable history of successfully conducting thirty- nine clients to the top of the world.

After reading about Fischer?s unpredictable and daring climbing habits I don?t think I would feel safe climbing Everest as a member of his group, entrusting him with my life.

Also later on in the book we learn about how Fischer lets his clients up and down the mountain at their own will during the acclimatization period, without the supervision of guides. I do not think I would like to pay a fortune in order to climb Everest without help from the guides of the expedition I am paying the money to. Another reason why I would not climb with Fischer is because one his trusted guides, Anatoli Boukreev, believed that it was a mistake for guides to pamper their clients, and if the client could not climb without help from the guide then they should not even be there. This particular guide was the highest paid , and his performance had not been meeting his expectations.

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