Independence Day


Independence Day Essay, Research Paper

Independence Day

By: Dean Devlin and Roland Emmerich

Every book has to have a characters. A story has to have a main

character to either narrate the story or be the subject of the story. The

main character of this book was Captain Steven Hiller. He was a captain

in the United States Army. He helped defeat the aliens that were trying to

take over the world.

Another element for a good story is a mood. The mood keeps the

reader wanting to read more. The mood of this story was like very tense it

kept me at the edge of my seat. It did this because I didn?t know what

was going to happen next.

Author?s don?t just write books because they have nothing better to

do. The write it for a reason. This reason may be to express feelings or to

inform people of things. I believe that the authors of this book wrote it to

entertain people. Also to sort of ?feed the fire? of the mystery of

extraterrestrial beings.

The theme of this story was quite simple. Aliens were trying to take

over the Earth. Then humans go through different obstacles to try and

save the Earth from being destroyed and conquered by the aliens.

This story took place mainly in Washington, D.C. where the capitol is

because the aliens wanted to take out the important cities first.

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