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Demographics-Who Are Your Costumers?

Demographics is the study of the human population. There are several demographic factors

that may influence a marketing program, some of which may include age, ethnicity, gender,

education and income levels. They are all important to marketers because they are closely

related to the demand for many products. Change in demographics signals the rise of new

markets and the elimination of others. They help marketers determine the needs and wants of the


Perhaps the most significant demographic trend is the aging of the U.S. population. How do

marketers decide what to offer customers and at what price? First you need to look at what is

the age of your customers. Marketers must be aware of how population is changing with

respect to age. For example, in the mid 1980?s for the first time in our history, the number of

Americans aged 65 and over exceeded the number of teenagers. Looking ahead to the year 2000,

there will be 275 million Americans, an increase of 26 million from 1990 and the average age of

the population will increase. There are some dramatic swings in the population. For example

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