Crocodiles Essay, Research Paper

The crocodiles seem to know a herd of

wildebeest has arrived before anyone else does. The

most ferocious group of crocodiles is in line along

the shore awaiting a chance to capture one of the

wildebeest. After a series of weeks, the seasonal

river shrinks into a series of pools. This makes

it even harder for animals to get something to

drink without getting attacked by a crocodile, some

of which are eighteen feet, weigh almost a ton, and

can move at extremely deadly speeds. On top of

this, the crocodiles will eat anything they can


The crocodile is a cold-blooded reptile with a

very slow metabolism; therefore, they can last six

months or longer without eating. Many of the

crocodiles only eat when these herds come. The

herds are easier targets because many of the

wildebeest, especially calves, have never seen a

crocodile before. The impalas, baboons, and

warthogs that live there year-round have learned

when and when not to approach the river.

The crocodiles? annual feast on the unexpecting

wildebeest in the Grumeti River has proven these

crocodiles to be very strong and deadly.

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