Baboons Essay, Research Paper

Baboons usually are adapted to life on the ground and avoid forests; they range in large

herds, called troops, over rocky, open lands and grasslands of Africa and Arabia. They also live in exotic

paces such as Ethiopia.

Baboons eat various worms, eggs, insects, reptiles, crabs, mollusks, small mammals,

fruits, and young shoots. Their troops are often composed of 30 to more than 100 members. Baboons

have several different calls, many of which have specific meanings. A female gives birth to a baby after a six

month time period. The baby baboon will usually cling to the its mother’s underside.

Powerful and aggressive animals about the size of a large dog , baboons have strong jaws,

large cheek pouches in which they store food, and eyes close together. They have overhanging brows and

strong limbs for life on ground. Their huge arms are for tearing their food. Baboons can distinguish colors

and have a keen sense of smell. They have large, often brightly colored, hairless areas on their buttocks, and thick, sturdy legs. The tail is short and is carried high in an arch.

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