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Out of Brake Fluid? There are a few ways to run out of brake fluid. One of the mostcommon is the leaky wheel cylinder. The easy way to find out if yougot one is to take off your brake drum and see if your wheel cylinder iscovered with black chunky crap. For you not very smart people, thewheel cylinder looks cylinder shaped, and has a rubber boot on bothends. To fix that you must either rebuild your wheel cylinder orreplace it. Another cause of loosing brake fluid could be a broken brakeline. If you happen to have a broken brake line, your pretty muchscrewed. Your brake peddle will go straight to the floor, and you wontfeel any thing. Having a broken brake line is a bad thing. To find outif you have a broken brake line look under the car, under the hood,behind tires, and have another person hit the brakes a few times.

Make sure the master cylinder has plenty of brake fluid in it. Youshould see the brake fluid pour out the broken piece of line. Another place to check is the master cylinder and look at thebrake lines that connect to it, to see if it is leaking from there. Thatone is pretty obvious. It will look wet around the connection, orconnections. If you happen to see your master cylinder leaking at allout of a place that looks unusual, replace it, or have a look at itcarefully, which normally requires removal of the master cylinder. A likely place on older cars is the flex hose. That gets old andcan start to crack. If it cracks the brake fluid will run out the cracks,and eventually you will run out of brake fluid. The flex hose isnormally located around the back of the tires, behind the wheelcylinder. If it is leaking, it will have to be replaced.

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