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In the article Blondes don t have the edge in the race for Miss America , the author, Steven Cronin, a staff writer for the Miss America News, voices his opinion on whether having blonde hair has an effect in the outcome of the competition. According to his researched findings, ten out of the last eleven winners have been brunettes. He has come to the conclusion that light haired girls have no chance in winning based on recent years. These results differ with most of the American public who believe that blonde is almost always better in areas pertaining to beauty.

Cronin goes on to express that hair color in fact bears no relationship to the outcome of the competition. Modern requirements are more socially based, and we are looking for an intelligent woman to be a role model for the future. The humorous hair color controversy is simply coincidental and shouldn t be taken too seriously. The purpose of the article is to make the public aware of the latest trends and thoughts of the contestants, and also to be curious as to what color hair next years winner might have.

This is one of many topics concerning the appearance of the Miss America contestants. The women who compete in this pageant reflect on what the younger generation sees as the way they should look. Many protestors use that as a main reason to ridicule the bodies, fashion, and segments of the yearly competition.

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