Algebra – Determine And Apply A Formula Essay, Research Paper

Determine and Apply a Formula

My topic for this assignment is was to determine the amount of people possible to cross a crosswalk during the time of the crosswalk?s walking symbols. To calculate this I made an algebraic equation to support my idea, and an example to support my equation.

D= distance of crosswalk on an average road=30 ft.

W= Width of normal crosswalk= 6ft.

S= Space between each person=1ft.

F= Avg. Speed of people walking= 1ft. per second

P= number of people possible to cross the crosswalk during appropriate time= 45 people

R= people in the 1/3 section of the crosswalk= 15 people


The signal only lasts an average of 30 seconds, which proves my theory to be correct. So, in conclusion an average of 45 people can cross the crosswalk during the appropriate legal time.

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