Math Vs Music


Math Vs. Music Essay, Research Paper

Mathematician and the Musician

The mathematician sees thing only as they should be; he knows the logical explination for everything, and

can manipulate it till the common person is lost in confusion as to what is being explained to him.

The musician is incapable of concrete thinking; he solves the mysteries of life with word and metaphors

and paradoxs that are answers to that world which is his own inner mind. Both refuse to except the

obvious. For the manipulator the answer only lies in the most complex incomprehensive formula that

in his mind holds some great power over the world. The answer for the self-psychologist is buried deep

in his mind amongst the dreams of a better reality. While he is truly not emancipated from his currert

reality, the musician still insists on continuing to live among his fantasies. The musician appears to

be insanely opposite to the mathematician, but they both hold the answers to everything anyone would

want to know and in this sense they are complements.

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