Global Crisis


Global Crisis Essay, Research Paper

In times of global crisis, is it reasonable to expect that nation-states will put aside rivalries and join together to deal with the crisis?

In my opinion, in order to deal with global crisis, it would be reasonable to expect that nation-states would put aside any rivalries and join together to deal with the crisis. In order to resolve global crisis, it is necessary to begin, not at the beginning with the situation, but at the end with the overwhelming emotions.

Crisis is a word that comes easily to the lips. It seems that always the world is in some crisis or other. If every problem presents a crisis, then none does. Yet, the fact is that the world is in the midst of a crisis, structural and therefore fundamental, very long-term and therefore one that lends itself not to a solution but to an unfolding. Moreover, I think that global crisis derives not from its failure but from its success.

Furthermore, global crisis can sometimes be more effective when nations unite socially arising in force for a better outcome. In fact, I believe that human social action to transform a global crisis is possible if we put aside any type rivalry.

As frequently, bad times seem to succeed good times, however joining forces during a global crisis can easily overcome this myth. Once again, the word rivalry only means to compete or attempt to outdo another; surpass. Then, why not use that urge for exceed to defeat a global crisis together as one nation. After all, global crisis is a turning point in life that only needs improvement and together as a universe we can make it happen.

To conclude, I think that the world is in a long-term crisis and that only intelligent reflections in joining forces during a crisis should be a priority to which we must all give allegiance.

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