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Computer games represents one of the largest incomes in the worldwide video game industry and the online business. Sierra is one of the most popular and leading company in interactive entertainment over the pass 30 years. Games like King s Quest (series), Lords of the Realm, Leisure Suit Larry, K, and Counter-Strike lead the company to numerous industry awards.

In the world of multiplayer first-person shooters, players know that death is only a momentary inconvenience and that in the blink of an eye they will again be alive and heavily armed. Such is not the case in Counter-Strike. This game is one of the best modification (MOD), from half-life, ever made out there and really involves team-play and not just one-man-team which is often seen in similar shoot-them-up games.

The game divides the players into two teams, the terrorist and the counter-terrorist. The terrorist has for mission to prevent a hostage rescue or to boom a booming site. On the other side, the counter-terrorist tries to rescue the hostage from the terrorist and escort them to a rescue area, or to defuse a boom set off by the terrorist. This operation is repeated until the time limit has end.

From my personal statement, I really like the weapons and getting numerous frags (kills) from other players. The new style of game-play which I never notice on other shoot-them-up games got me hang on to playing Cs for an intensive long hour. I cannot express enough with words, but you ll have to play it to understand how really this games involves team-play.

BY: Sly

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