Cold Sassy Tree By Olive Ann Burns


Cold Sassy Tree By Olive Ann Burns Essay, Research Paper

In Cold Sassy Tree by Olive Ann Burns she emphasizes on the

civilization that determines each characters fate. The use of figurative

language is used continuously in her book to give it a sense of real life.

There many obstacles of death and disappointments that lead up to a new

understanding of life. Burns use of simile, personification, and

hyperbole gives the book a realistic atmosphere.

There are many descriptive similes used to give a better interpret of

the story. Miss. Love plays ?…Lord, my sins be as scarlet… ? at the

church where the cold sassy community assists. Burns is comparing

Miss. Love?s engagement with Grandpa to the betrayal Hester Prinn

committed in The Scarlet Letter. This gives out a lot of background

information of what the author thinks of Miss. Love. In the book Will

says that Miss. Love?s ?… bosoms would of looked like two puppies

trying to climb over a fence….? The author shows the best description of

Wills age and state of mind. He is young and is growing both mentally

and physically. Will says ?…the question blurred out like a pitcher?s fast

ball….? Will is from an under educated family. He says little frases that

are mentioned by ignorant people that will express themselves the best

way they can.

Burns personifies many things found in cold sassy to show progress with

the environment and the people.

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