Through The Window


Through The Window Essay, Research Paper

Sitting by his window, unhindered by greed or oppression, sits a boy

he is young and good and pure and looks upon the dawn with innocent eyes

he knows nothing of oppression for he lives in a guarded world

only images which cannot harm reach his blue eyes

The world turns and the sun dawns upon another place

and sitting by his window is a boy

he looks upon the dawn with tired and scornful eyes

he knows of greed and oppression

he has seen many a thing in his small life time

he hides from the sun until it is again night and safe

Through the windows the boys look the same but for the simple fact of colour

one lives in a world of the fortunate

the other in the world of the needy

and to them it is their life

Sitting by his window is an elderly man

he sits and waits for the approaching dusk knowing that he has not lived a hard life

now he knows of oppression and he knows of greed but neither affects him presently

by his hand he has a picture of his family, all grown up and gone away now

by his other hand there sits another man

he looks upon the world with new hope

he had a life and a family much the same as his friend

but he has known greed and oppression intimately during his lifetime

Through the window these men look the same except for the simple fact of colour

both live in a fortunate world

both have lived similar lives

but as one screamed ?help me help me?

the other grasped his hand and answered ?I will?

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