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The novel Summer Sisters by Judy Blume is the story of two girls friendship through their lives. The main character, Vix, comes from a poor family and is very shy and quiet when she is young, which is when the story starts. One summer, Caitlin, a rich girl, asks Vix to spend the summer with her in Martha?s Vineyard. Throughout the summer they become good friends, and they decide that every summer they will go to Martha?s Vineyard together, and be summer sisters.

Although sometimes they have problems, they stay friends, and continue to go to the vineyard every summer until Vix is in college, where she spends her time with new friends. Caitlin is jealous of Vix?s new friends, so she marries the man Vix was in love with for most of her life. After this Vix stays away from the island for a while, until Caitlin is found dead, and she goes back to the island for Caitlin?s funeral.

I liked this book because it made me sad. It reminded me of a friend I used to have, who I spent my summers with. We, like Caitlin and Vix, were very close. I?d like to hope that the next time I see her, isn?t her funeral, but I don?t really know. They weren?t really like us though, because they stayed friends until the end, while my friend and I did not. I would recommend this book to all of my friends, because I liked it, and I think that they probably would too.

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