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O.K. Now you have an account what do you do now? You need to setup Web folders in My Network Places. Not in Network neighborhood. This is only in WinME.If you are not using WinME you might not have this option. In that case you need to download & install Internet Explorer 5.5 from microsofts website here.After you install IE 5.5 come back here. When you see me refer to My Network Places you need to go to My Computer, I believe this is where webfolders appears if you install it on Win98se & older systems. To setup your webfolders do this:1. Make sure you have your I-drive account handy.2. Double click My Network Places.3. Click Add new Network place.4. Then put this in the location of place: replace the username with you i-drive account name fromstep 1. so your address you might use if you made an account with the username of johnny001 would be like this. Click next.6. Now this. window pops up. Enter you account name & password here.7. Check the box to save this password in your list.8. click O.K.9. This window pops-up now, you name your drive here. this is what you see your i-drive named as in My network places from now on.10. Now your first webfolder account is setup! YAY :O)You can double click it in My network places to test it out. It should show 4 folders in it. they are:DropboxFiloPrivateShared

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