Johnny Tremain

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Johnny Tremain Essay, Research Paper

Imagine being back in the colony of

Massachusetts before the Revolutionary war. As you walk

down the streets of Boston, you meet a young man named

Johnny Tremain. After listening to his story, you think of the

different ways you could describe him. You could describe

him by his looks, by his personality, and by the talents he

portrays. His character is so interesting that it’s hard to

describe his skilled talents, his complex personality, and his

adored physical features. As you remember the tale of his

hardships and fate, you know that Johnny Tremain will stand

in your mind forever. Standing alone on the wharf next to his

magnificent house, you see a thin, light haired, light

complected young man. There are many ways you can

describe the way Johnny Tremain looks. You can tell by the

way he stands, so proud, that he is around 15 years old.

You can see that he’s strong but he’s also frightened. As you

move your eyes towards what’s behind him you notice that

his hand is crippled and was probably burned. Your eyes

meet his and they’re a piercing blue. You are so struck by

his looks you can’t wait to go talk to him and find out about

his personality traits. Johnny Tremain’s personality was very

fascinating, and it was most intriguing to read about how he

changed from a bossy, impatient boy, into a thoughtful,

patient gentleman. Even though he was a skilled worker, he

was proud, and full of arrogance. But after his terrible

tragedy, his rude character died in the birth and death room,

and Johnny was reborn as a more patient and caring person.

He still won’t take pity from anyone, but on the inside he is

probably crying out for help. Although he has no one to talk

to, he does have special talents that help keep him going

strong. Before Johnny burned his hand working on a sugar

basin, he was a skilled silversmith. Imagine burning your right

hand and losing many of your talents, such as writing or

using an ax. After practicing, he painfully learned to use his

left hand to use an ax. He also learned to legibly write, but it

used to be better before his accident. Now Johnny diligently

works for a newspaper called the Boston Observer. He

regularly rides his horse, Goblin, and faithfully delivers the

newspapers. Delivering notes for the British officers proved

to be a profitable part of his routine. As the day ends, you

have enjoyed spending time with Johnny. Now you know so

much about him, you feel it impossible to name all of his

qualities. But that only shows how complex he was. After

Johnny’s accident, he was able to compensate for his losses

by practicing hard. Johnny likes to flirt with the girls, but

Cilla is the one he really likes. Instead of learning to be a

silversmith, he rides his horse, Goblin, and delivers

newspapers for the Boston Observer. Johnny Tremain’s

personality was very intriguing and all of his talents and

personality made you very interested in him. As you walk

away you see him walking towards the west like a new sun


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