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Student Government Association

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Student Government Association Essay, Research Paper

Have you ever heard of the group on campus that calls itself the Student Government Association or otherwise known as SGA? If not, then I’d like to tell you a little bit about what the organization does and what it stands for. The purpose of the SGA is to determine and implement student policies and act as a liaison between students and university committees. The SGA not only acts as a liaison between the university and it’s students, but it also gets involved academically by awarding financial aid funds to try and meet every qualified student’s needs. The organization is a very well rounded program and also gets involved with physical health care and diagnostic referral services to ensure that students function at their full potential. Basically, the organization tries to do whatever it thinks is in the best interest of the students at large. Anyone can run, but there are certain criteria s that have to be met. You have to have forty-five credit hours and a pretty descent grade point average. You must be nominated and the Dean of Students has to look into the applicant’s records to see if he or she is qualified for the position. If the applicant is granted the Dean’s approval, then a debate is held and a vote is conducted on which applicants should be accepted. The Student Government Association is stemmed into several branches. One being the Executive branch, two being the Legislative branch, and three being the judicial branch.

The Legislative Branch of SGA is the largest student governing body on campus. It consists of 67 elected representatives, which includes the Chair of Legislature. The students represent colleges, residence halls, and class presidents all over campus. The Legislative Branch acts as a connection between the students and the administration. The duties of Legislature are to make changes in the constitution, budget clubs and organizations, and charter primary and secondary clubs and organizations.

The Purpose of the executive branch is to determine and implement student

Policies and act as liaisons between students and university and charlotte

Communities. The executive branch discusses concerns, takes on various

Tasks, and provides different perspectives about different campus issues.

The executive office of SGA consists of the student president Beau Memory,

Vice President Allen Brown, their staffs, the student university Advocates,

the student defense chief Kalpana Patel, and assistants. The executive

branch also consists of a number of committees that the President appoints

to serve each year. There are approximately six committees held this year.

The Athletic relation committee is in charge of supplying athletes with

scholarship money to attend school. The chair of community services is in

charge of many campus-wide projects. An example may be a can food drive of

any type to contribute to the funds of SGA. Funds are also discovered

through the Chair of Business Affairs. They receive fund through companies

or other public organizations. The chair of Technology builds the SGA

Website that everyone views when they log onto the UNCC home page. The

Chair of entertainment and student affairs organize a number of projects and

events for UNCC. When interviewing Beau Memory of SGA we got a better

understanding of the organization. Beau was asked why did he run for

office. He replied, I thought I could bring new ideas to office. Some of

the projects that are working on are Gang Green, building school sprit, and

finding the cracks in SGA and finding them. Does SGA need any improvements?

Beau said, How they are constructed, and for everyone to be accountable

for their actions. Someone may wonder why he or she should join SGA. When

would they be gaining? In Beau s opinion someone should join SGA because

it s a valuable experience, it teaches someone how to work in a system,

teaches someone how to mange time and resources, it s fun, and it allows you

to change things within the university.

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