Sports Programs

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Sports Programs Essay, Research Paper

Sports Programs

While searching for a better education than my last school, I happened to come along the academically based school ASMS. However, I was perturbed to discover that the athletic program at ASMS was not up to the standards that I found to be acceptable, in fact there was not a true athletic program at all. Several friends and I did all that we could to start an acceptable sports program but to no avail. ASMS still had to send its players to the local Hot Springs high school if they want to actively participate in sports. This can be seen as one of the major problems of the school; a problem that must be dealt before enrollment begins to diminish. If this dilemma continues, many problems could originate from it. One problem that could occur would be that fact that the state of Arkansas could not recognize our students as more than scholars. Also, the physical state of the students could worsen due the lack of exercise. These are sad facts that must be realized and recognized before something is done about this tragedy.

One solution to this devastating problem is that a sports program could be created as an extracurricular activity. This would mean that coaching and practice would be done here at school. But like other solutions to other problems there are possibilities of downsides. One such downside could be a significant decrease in grades. This could be attributed to a lack of time being spent on studies; instead, the athletes would spend much of their time on sports. Not only would grades suffer, but the amount of students that go to work service would also decrease. This would mainly be because work service is done after school, and many of these work service students would be at a sport practice or game instead. All of these results would not certainly happen, but the odds of them occurring are high.

Although there are weaknesses that come with the problem that is stated above, there are also several strengths that come along with such a problem. One such strength that can be spoken of is social, mental, and physical benefits could increase. Social benefits that could be seen to increase are that the amount of friends could increase. One mental benefit that could increase would be that a person would begin to feel better about his/herself. The reason that a person could begin to feel better about his/herself could be the fact that physical qualities of a person could increase, resulting in better attitude and appearance.

Another solution that could be used is that the faculty could serve as coaches and instructors. But, just like the other possible solution, there are several unwanted side effects to this solution. One side effect would be faculty would not be around to do their actual jobs. This would pretty much mean that residential mentors could not be found if they were needed to do their actual jobs. Technically, this would mean the faculty would not be around for transportation, or consultation. This would be a new major problem that would have to be dealt with. This unwanted effect that would be caused would most certainly happen.

Although the effects that were mentioned above could possibly happen, there is also a great chance that there would be an increase in the strengths that would happen due to the previous problem. One strength that can be mentioned is the fact that more money could be saved. This could be attributed to the fact money does not have to be spent on professional coaches; instead, the residential mentors and faculty could take the job of coaching and teaching a team. This would a wonderful assessment that this school could make to make ASMS a better place.

To make ASMS a better place it is important that it continue to be a place of high academic standards and quality. But, it would probably even begin to become a better place if a sports program. A sports program that allows everyone to participate and enjoy themselves outside of school in an extracurricular activity that is both socially and physically beneficial.

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