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Royal Mountain

Royal Mountain to me is one of the greatest places on earth. From my first experiences to my most recent happenings, Royal Mountain has grabbed deep into my life. Something new and thrilling awaits every trip to Royal Mountain. Just saying the word royal mountain I immedialy picture all the aspects of the mountain. I can just picture myself rolling into the stone filled parking lot looking up to the square shaped blue lodge, now with an addition. The rising slopes of treeless trails wavering in the distance and the clean blue air surrounding the whole mountain. There are two scenes that I get from royal mountain: winter and summer. In the winter I notice the peppered images of people on the side of the mountain, the blinding bright white of the snow, the clanking of the T-bar and the chair lift, youngsters running in and out of the lodge shouting to one another, and all the smiling faces of the regulars at royal mountain. In the summer its basically the same except the area is filled with colors of green and brown and the place the is crawling with people of all ages.

When I arrive at Royal Mountain the first place I go is into the lodge. The lodge rests at the base of the trail called The Royal . Being the largest building on the mountain, the lodge contains everything essential for a skier to enjoy his/her day on the slopes. Here I properly prepare for the mountain by shedding my backpacks and gearing up for the skiing ahead of me. I, being an experienced skier, have all my equipment, but for people who don t there is a rental room is located in the frontal bottom part of the lodge For the beginner there are rental skis and bindings, boots, and poles. Royal has even updated their rental services by adding snowboard rentals for the adventurous at heart. The top part of the lodge consists of the bar, kitchen, dinning room, and dressing room all combined into one. As you first enter the main entrance to the lodge you enter the part used for eating, changing, and any other activity people have done in the lodge. Ahead of you is the kitchen where Mary, the Royal Mountain cook, prepares breakfast and lunch for the hungry skiers. Along with the numerous food options awaits machines filled with liquids such as soda, orange juice, fruit punch, hot cocoa, and candy. If your not a regular like most of the people at royal

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