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Gym Essay, Research Paper


Gymnastics involves many movements of the human

body. There are varies exercises and performances in

gymnastics which are performed at different levels of

skills.When compared physical differences between

different genders or type of person gymnastic ability differs

for everyone of their capability in streching,flexing then

performing a certain form of gymnastic.

The basic form of gymnastic is

cartwheels,tumballing,handstands,a headstand,a bridge,or

anything that has to do in a performance of capability of

flexability Quality. As in known gymnastics is more used

within youth,but now gymnastics is acutally now one of the

most known event in the olympics.

The basic three form catagories that you can be fit for are endomorph, ectomorph, and mesomorph. The greater percentage of children would have to fit in the ectomorph category being tall and slender.A youth must have skills, fitness level, attention span, and experiences to show great effort in the gymnastics sport.


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