Dog Training

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Dog Training Essay, Research Paper

Values taught to use during our childhood plays an important part in our

characters. These values are instilled in use by our parents, guardians, teachers and many

more. The values taught are hardly ever questioned and even if one does, they still end up

doing what they were asked to do. This kind of drilling is similar to the one used for


Dogs don?t have intellect to understand what man says so there is no verbal

communication between them, yet a dog will do as the master asks him to. This is

because man uses directions and words to train his dog to do what he(man) wants. In the

same way, children are taught values and morals and they are constantly reminded to

practice them and in the end it becomes a norm.

I was taught to eat using my right hand and to hold the spoon and fork with my

right hand. I did not understand what difference it made but I did as I was told to. I

grew old enough to start using silverware and soon the rules changed and I was

to use a knife on my right hand a fork on my left. I initialy resisted because that was not

what I had been doing for many years and the most confusing thing was that it was the

same person who told me to use my right hand, my mum. This made me follow the

directions with lots of strain. This was not the only occasion.

When growing up, my mother told my sister and I that we had to be ladies. We were

not supposed to shout when talking, run around the house, sit with our legs ?open?, climb

trees like tomboys and to use polite words like please, thank you, may I, and sorry. The

reason for this was that in England, there lived Prince William and Harry who would

marry us when we grew up only if we were ladies. This made us act like little ladies all

the time as much as we could. We grew up and found out that whatever we did, whether

good or bad in the books, we could not marry the Prince?s because we weren?t from a

Royal family. By then the values were in us.

I was also made to believe that one could not question what was said by any older

person in all walks of life. That meant that all that I was taught in school was true and I

could not even think of challenging a teacher if I had a different opinion in a certain

discussion. I later grew up to know that teachers aren?t always correct and that a problem

could have more than two solutions, thus my ideas could also be correct. It still makes it

hard for me to challenge an older person.

This dog like training develops us the way someone else wants us to be and there

isn?t much that we can do until we find out the truth. Even after knowing what is really

going on, we might choose to stick to what we have been doing for a long time and not

changing our behaviors.

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