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The book Your Heart’s Desire by Sonia Choquette is a brilliantly profound yet simple and accessible workbook which guided me step by step through the nine universal principles for creating my own reality. Offering modern-day parables from her own personal training and practice, down-to-earth advice, and specific exercises, she lead me to the attainment of my most heartfelt desires. All too often we are told that we should lead lives that re more spiritual and yet are also more fulfilled in worldly terms. Frankly, we would love to, if someone would just tell us how. In this novel, she taught me to trust myself. The First Principle of Creativity simply states that our thought creates. So, if we want to create an experience, we must begin having a clear, focused thought of that particular experience. It also states that whatever we clearly focus on, we do create, whether or not we want to. But first, we must really know what our heart desires. When we think of the word “desire” we think of passion, yearning intense longing. When we have a true desire, we have a burning urge for some particular experience or outcome. This burning intense passionate longing is the creative spark that must exist to make miracles happen. Without it, nothing gets done. True Heart’s Desires are felt in the present moment and reflect our most immediate needs and concerns. If we are blocked or confused about our true Heart’s Desires, start by looking at present life and ask ourselves what we need. The Second Principle to the Gain the Support of Your Subconscious Mind teaches that what we consciously desire and what we subconsciously believe about that desire must be in agreement for us to succeed. If we hold our attention on a conscious desire, but subconsciously harbor beliefs that are in conflict with our goal, we are going to come to a creative impasse. Our subconscious mind produces best what we dwell on. That’s why we especially end up experiencing exactly what we worry about. Worry is a potent way of dwelling on something. The subconscious mind isn’t trying to sabotage us, but simply giving us its very best expression of what we impress upon it with out powers of attention and focus. Then we must get out of our own way by knowing how to impress the subconscious mind in a way that works . One way to gain the support is to reorient your desire from simply accomplishing an outcome to actually making a contribution to the world. The other way is affirmations. The subconscious mind accepts best what it hears over and over. Imagining Your Heart’s Desire is the Third Principle, which teaches that what we desire is born into the world through your imagination. Imagination will accept a true Heart’s Desire and give it the breath of life. It is the realm where a dream takes the color, sound, size, and movement. Imagination is like the fertile garden, accepting your desires and dreams as soil in which we have planted seeds. These seeds become ideas that, when gently cultivated, bursts into full bloom. Imagination is the womb of our life. It is the place where our desires are nurtured and protected, where they are kept safe while they grow and develop. Our imagination expands our dreams until they can no longer be contained and must insist themselves into being. Imagination is the birthplace of all possibility. Basically, Principle Three is saying to use the full power of imagination to evoke an internal experience of what we really want. When we deeply imagine our true Heart’s Desire, we will be amazed at how eagerly our full sensory self cooperates. Principle Number Four, Eliminate Your Obstacles, engages the Creative Contractor, the aspect of Divine spirit that begins to build your dream on Earth. We must learn to respect or Heart’s Desire by giving it the top priority in our lives. To realize our Heart’s Desire, we have to commit to doing everything in out power to make it happen-first thing, not last. We can’t waste time on things that aren’t our Heart’s Desire and we can’t make excuses about avoiding the work. No matter what we desire, it will take some time at one point to make it happen. And the only way we are going to find that time is to decide our dream is important-that it is valuable. In short, the Fourth Principle requires you to identify and eliminate everything that takes us away from focusing on our Heart’s Desire.

Principle Number Five, Be Open to Intuitive Guidance, is the point that our conscious efforts will be joined by those of the Universe. It is about creating a connection with this inner teacher. It guides us along the way to our dream, one clue at a time. All we have to do is be open for the clues, expect they will be there, trust them as they show up, and act on them when they do. Choose To Support Your Dream with Love, Principle Six, is the final step where we actually begin to control how we want to manifest our dream. At this point in the process we choose how we want our Heart’s Desire to happen. It is about choice and action. As we move through the Principles we come to realize that no matter what we want to create, it will require choice and action from us, and we have to do something to create it. Even if that something is sitting in a cave meditating, we have to get to the cave and then meditate. So just remember, all things flow from the Universal source and we can tap into this source when we apply Principle Six to our dream. Principles one though six have set up a perfect environment for the Divine spirit to work through us, creating our dream. Principle Seven, Surrender Control, is about allowing Divine spirit to flow through us to do the work, instead of relying on our personal power to make it happen. Essentially, this Principle instructs us to step aside and allow the Universe to take over and work its magic for a while. In other words, release your personal efforts to make things happen and put the process in God’s hands. Principle Seven tells us that there is more work to be done, but the work remaining should be executed in calm, quiet trust that our dream is well on its way. It reminds us that a much greater power than your own, a behind-the-scenes power of the Universe, is organizing everything into perfect order on our behalf. Finally the time arrives for our dream to express itself into the world, to begin to assert itself on the physical plane, and the vehicle that carries our dream from mental to physical expression can be found in Principle Eight, which announces our greatest power of all, the power to create exactly what we want by speaking it into creation. This Principle asks us to fully own our Divine creative power and to take complete charge of how we use it. When we own our words, we assume our true identity as a being of light, made in the image and likeness of God. This Principle is the secret to correcting all our mistakes. It instantly reveals the way to align our energy, creating a clear, unobstructed expression of our truth, our desires on Earth. The last Principle, Stay True to Your Dream, is the process of checking our work on Principles one through eight to see if we’ve gathered all the necessary pieces. It tests all our previous efforts, and though no one likes to be tested, it is the very activity that guarantees the outcome we want. Principle Nine means breaking away from general consensus, popular opinion, conventional wisdom, sideline know-it-alls, and psychic saboteurs who are too chicken to try creating their own dreams and so are going to distract themselves by trying to derail ours. Principle Nine asks us to stop holding yourself back from joy and success and to operate from a sense of complete abundance. The simplest way to do this is to practice the spiritual law “Give and it shall be given to you.” This book has helped me to decide what is important in my life right now. I arrange my dreams and eventually fulfill all of them by following these nine easy steps.

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