Your Choice


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Patrick J. Chan


Eng. 100

Dr. Wood

Your Choice

“Battle scars on my arm, I look at them in awe, I see a glimpse into the past, a time I thought I wouldn t last, I see myself within my scars, the truth the lies they are all me, if only it was then when you could see, a lake of fire was burning within, the red flames poured out through my skin, it was a lake of fire, to you it was blood, bleeding out from me, you treated as if I scraped my knee, if only you knew this blood came a knife, a knife that could take my life, I have the will, but I will be strong, and cut myself when all is wrong. Dying by my own hand, that would be fine, that is a dream of mine, then I wake up and see that I m here, and look forward to my final fear. Death!”

Nobody choose to be born but we all have the decision not to live. Teenagers face many problems today some say many more then in the past. Depression, gangs, drugs are all negative examples contributing to adolescent. Suicide, a very serious issue seems to come up more and more often. “I am depressed, ashamed of my looks, I have no friends nothing,” pleaded a troubled teenager, “Killing myself is the only solution.” Is it? If I said “There is always a better solution then death, “most everyone would agree with me but if I said, “maybe it is the right thing to do,” I would face a lot of controversy.

According to the National Institute of Mental Health suicide is the third leading cause of death among young people 15 to 25 years of age, following unintentional injuries and homicide. Across the country, psychologist are treating the “suicidal teenager” with counseling and even medication. Family and friends are also very supportive. But who is to say if one should live or die. When we are born we live until we die, but when is that? When you get run over by a car, drown, executed or when you kill yourself. Society tends to put a lot of pressure onto those people with disabilities and problems. Making them feel like something is seriously wrong, cramming “pro life” into their heads.

Some people believe that being homosexual is wrong and all gays should be wiped of the face of the earth. Why do they believe this, because the way they were raised their environment taught them that being gay is wrong. On a very unrealistic note, lets say a family s believes are when you turn 60 it is time to end your life because if you do not then you will never be able to go to heaven or where ever you might go after death. This family has been practicing this believe since mankind has around. It is their believe and should be considered just normal as someone else s.

Born only to die. What is life? Is it going to school, getting a good job, making lots of money or committing suicide. It depends what your values and morals are. We are all going to die eventually why not know. If problems appear there is always a solution, it is your option what to do about it and killing yourself is an option. Know one has the right to say self-murder is wrong, it may be stupid but if you select to kill yourself it is you that decides what life is.

In our society today anything said or done can be easily expressed incorrectly and therefore misunderstood. There is always someone that is going to dissect and analysis each and everything someone says or does. Leaving people hopelessly misinterpreted. There is no truth in what people say the only truth is whatever you want to believe. If you believe killing yourself will only make things worse and end up in hell, then you would probably not kill yourself. But if after life exist and is like heaven why not end life now, is that the mystery of death? In the post-modern circle an effective way to make a statement is to commit suicide.

I have had a few friends who have seriously considered ending their life. None have actually gone through with it but they have raised very interesting questions that I think can not be answered; How much pain is to much? Am I creating my own hell on earth? Is there a good enough reason to kill yourself? What supreme guide of faith determines who will suffer continually and who will remain na ve to the pain?

I have faced many problems but they have never been so bad that I have considered suicide. I am a true believer that everything happens for a reason and ending your life could be a reason. Keeping an open mind even through issues that seem to have only one answer is a vital thing in making a decision, then you can never know enough about a certain topic.

We all create our own world to exist in. Therefore, the world as we know it is a collective illusion. Is suicide a disease?

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