Yesterday’s Mistakes; Today’s Lessons Essay, Research Paper

Yesterday’s mistakes; today’s lessonsThe Scarlet Letter is certainly relevant to today’s teenage parents. The novel shows the hardships of being scorned by the public. In addition, it shows how one can succeed despite public attitudes and opinions. Hester Prynne goes through many trials and knows what it is like to be the outcast. As a result, teenage parents will be able to read this novel and relate with Hester. For instance, everywhere Hester went, she was mocked, scorned, rejected, and ostracized. “Shame, Despair, Solitude. These had been her teachers…” [sl18.html#g02]In the same way, teenage parents are judged, rejected, and hidden at times so as not to embarrass family or friends. Consequently, teenage parents suffer inwardly and tend to only think of themselves in terms of what other people say about them. The novel can show teenagers how they can be successful and deal with these negative experiences when they come. “Future is yet full of trial and success.” [sl17.html#g50] Hester was so burdened with responsibility and public rejection, and yet she still overcame it all, “…with a mind of native courage and activity…” [sl18.html#g02] Hester was determined to look beyond her present situation and focus on the great responsibility she had in raising her child by herself. As a result, Hester was able to feed and clothe her child by using something as simple as embroidery to earn money. This ingenuity can show teenagers that they don’t have to go on welfare or rely on anyone else to pay their expenses, in order to succeed. Hester persevered and was successful because she had the view to “Do anything, save to lie down and die….” [sl17.html#g50] That same perseverance and independence will earn teenage parents respect from the public, just as Hester was able to do.

Finally, there are many similarities between the situation Hester went through and the problems that today’s teenage parents face. By objectively reading The Scarlet Letter, teenage parents will be able to a adequately apply it to their lives and “Begin all anew!” [sl17.html#g60]ID Number: 1987001

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