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As we approach the new millennium everyone seems to have their own opinion on what is best for both themselves and the country. There are many extremist out there that are not only saying that the world is just going to shut down, but that it will come to an abrupt end. The Second Coming will finally show its face on this special day of reckoning. Is this true or a load of bullshit put together by a bunch of so called Christians that are trying to scare the population into Christ? If this is the truth why even worry about the future of the machine because they will be useless in our new lives. On a flip side, if this is indeed a hoax and the Lord does not appear at this time then all the airlines, cars, red lights, credit card companies, power companies, electrical companies, light bulbs, hospitals, police offices, business firms, sporting events, computers, VCR s, CD players, ovens, and even the internet (surprise) will suddenly stop without notice. These may work by the next day or never breathe the breath of life again. This is what people are pushing on the general public. Who are the people anyway? These are not your average Joe, but huge business firms that want to make a little extra money. Don t believe me, well just take a look around you. How many things have messed up already oh yea stupid me, it s not Y2K yet. Little do you realize, but it already is. How many credit cards, house payments, airline reservations, and so on are scheduled for dates later than Y2K. Millions of things have been keyed into databases using the dates set after 2000. How many planes have crashed, credit cards rejected, computers melted due to these futuristic dates. Have you taken a stroll around your nearest computer supplier lately and seen the special shelf for only Y2K shit. It s a crying shame that poor suckers fall for this software every day and fork out anywhere from fifteen dollars to hundreds just to fix their personal computers. If consumers would do any research besides just reacting to the hysteria they would learn many interesting facts about all of the bullshit that they believe. An example being that their computers only read four digits in the date. (ex. September 9, 1999 = 9999) This is completely wrong in many senses: first most personal computers were not made in the 60 s when this programming was the main problem. These computers were not made to store millions of names in a database. Conserving space was not the biggest factor in these machines. Second computers that did have this limited date problem hold six numbers, not four. (September 9, 1999 = 090999) That has little reference on the last digit problem but it does crush yet another common problem that is heard everyday. Supposedly on the date Sep. 9, 1999 the computers would read the date as 9999, which is a termination code for older programs, and this in turn would shut everything off. Guess that won t happen, but people aren t told that so they go buy this software to check their computers only to find that nothing is wrong. The really pathetic thing is that they are happy and surprised that nothing was wrong. They then tell everyone else that this software checked their computer, the really dumb one s think that it fixed it, and to go buy it to try it out. I will

let you in on a little secret come closer a little more ok now this is purely confidential (don t let the software companies know that I know this). All you have to do to check your computer is set your system clock to whatever date you want it to be and then your computer thinks that it is that date. Holy shit that was easy, and cheap. As you can see I don t really care too much for what these companies are doing to the general public and am sick of all this Y2K stuff. I personally do not believe that anything beyond a whimper will happen unless all the dumb fucks out there panic and start doing stupid shit. That is all I have to say on this subject and will now go to bed with all this anger left here on my paper.

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