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Welcome to WORMS ARMAGEDDON by Team17. We have worked very hard to try and include every last ounce of playability, options, features and cool ideas into this game, we hope that you enjoy it.

Look out for Team17 players on WORMNET, the fantastic new Internet service for Worms Armageddon players.

This document contains information about changes after the manual went for layout and print, last minute amendments and some extra features we bolted in at the last minute.

If there’s a particular item that isn’t here and you need help, then consult the printed manual documentation for directions on how to contact us. If you’re online, then try browsing our website initially prior to emailing us.














Thank you for purchasing Worms Armageddon from MicroProse Software Ltd. Whilst we prefer our game documentation to be as accurate as possible, it is unavoidable that late modifications are made and therefore we need to bring you up to date with this document.

We recommend that you read this document fully to get the most recent information about key issues related to the installation and running of Worms Armageddon. This will enable you to get the maximum enjoyment from the game and ensure that you have trouble free play.

System Requirements

If you are experiencing any form of problem whatsoever with Worms Armageddon please ensure that your computer system complies with the minimum requirements for the program listed below.

If this is not the case you will most likely experience performance problems during and after the installation procedure.

Note: The Worms Armageddon CD must be placed in your CD-ROM drive before commencing play.

IBM PC Intel Pentium? 100Mhz and compatibles or faster. 150Mhz or faster recommended.

Microsoft? Windows 95?, Windows 98?

Microsoft? DirectX? 6 (supplied) or later.

32Mb System RAM. 64Mb or more recommended.

30Mb Hard Drive Space

Double-speed CD-ROM. Quad-speed or faster recommended.

Microsoft? Mouse? or compatible pointing device.

Microsoft? DirectX? 6 compatible 2Mb RAM SVGA videocard. 4Mb recommended.

Microsoft? DirectX? 6 compatible soundcard (optional). 16-bit recommended.

28.8k modem (optional) or faster for connection to the Internet.

Local Area Network card (optional) for connection to LAN games.

Note: If your system requires an update or a complete install of DirectX 6 this will require approximately 8-10Mb of hard drive space. This can vary and is solely dependent on the hardware components that are present within your system.

Customised Saved Settings

If for any reason you wish to uninstall Worms Armageddon, all custom made save files such as terrain, option and sound schemes will be retained within their respective designated folders and will have to be removed manually. Worms Armageddon Uninstall will only remove the program components that are specified within the original install procedure. Also the uninstalling of Worms Armageddon will not remove any installed DirectX components and these are retained as an extension to your Windows system.

Laptop Systems

Because of the current wide variation of laptop system hardware configurations we cannot therefore guarantee full compatibility with all types that are available. This is especially true on systems with compacted keyboards that incorporate keys that are assigned with multiple functions.

System Hardware Modification

When any alteration is made to your system hardware specifications we recommend that a reinstall of Worms Armageddon and DirectX is performed. This will ensure that no errors occur due to possible hardware conflicts. Please refer to the section on DirectX Issues later in this document.

16bit MS-DOS CD-ROM Device Drivers

If you experience an error code prompt interruption during the installation procedure there may be a possibility that there is a conflict with MS-DOS CD-ROM device driver software. If this is the case then you will require an update to a 32bit Windows CD-ROM device driver to alleviate the problem. Consult your CD-ROM drive manufacturer regarding this or alternatively contact your hardware vendor.

Power Saving Modes

Some systems incorporate power saving functions that may inadvertently interfere with the running of Worms Armageddon. It is therefore recommended to disable such functions as these prior to playing the game.


2.1 Microsoft? DirectX?

DirectX from Microsoft is basically a program interface for creating and managing graphic images and multimedia effects in games such as Worms Armageddon and is required for the game to run correctly. The DirectX 6 installation program is supplied with Worms Armageddon to ensure that your computer system complies with the minimum requirements of the game.

DirectDraw and DirectSound (components of DirectX) are utilised by Worms Armageddon to handle video display and sound output respectively. If you encounter any video or sound related problems with your game then please confirm initially that you are using the very latest available drivers for your display or audio device to ensure complete compatibility. Please refer to the DXInfo and Windows 95/98 detailing later in this section for information on how to achieve this.

2.2 DirectX Installation and Microsoft Contact Information

DirectX is an extension to your existing operating system and is produced by Microsoft Corporation and is not a product of Team17 Software Ltd. During initial installation or an update of DirectX it may possibly affect the workings of other programs or hardware components you have within your system. This is in no way linked to Worms Armageddon

but can be known to occur after DirectX install completes certain hardware driver updates.

If you do encounter any problems whatsoever after a

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