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World peace to me is like an eight billion-piece puzzle. It’s as if you can only do so much by yourself until you need a helping hand. Just like a puzzle, the world can look perfect for an amount of time until someone decides to destroy its beauty. We all wish that the puzzle would never come apart but in time everything dose. Just like a puzzle, world peace can be put back together, and all it needs is a helping hand. It only takes one person to end the hate, and the uncivil greed. As well it only takes one person to start the peace in which it makes the world seem to gleam.

I know that at this time world peace can’t be written down on a piece of paper, but it can be seen through our daily actions. No matter what flag you pledge under we are all the same. All this world need is a little love and understanding. Anyone cam promote peace in their community just by lending a hand or giving a smile. A good heart is what helps us to create peace in our community on earth. To have the world find its peace each and every one of us must try and find the good in everyone and everything. Acts of kindness are like ripples in a pond, when you toss a single stone in the water the ripples multiply. The ripple gets bigger and bigger until the ripples cover the entire surface of the pond. The kind acts of a single person are instilled in other to do the same. Kindness will spread and the whole world can eventually be a better place.

The world is on the right foot to be working toward a nonviolent environment and trying to end those difficult situations so we have a chance to improve our surrounding. By following in the footsteps of Martin

Luther King Jr. and Gandhi we have achieved equal rights and we have stopped segregation. There’s really only two-steps in working toward total world peace. The first step is to treat others as you would want to be treated and secondly to stop the fighting. Fighting only make’s situations worse, so compromise. We should always have our hearts open and be ready to give and if you know this then many others do as well. So, to end the hate and greed, it only takes one person to embark on peace and end the hate and to start the peace that which will never end. That which makes the world seam to gleam. So don’t say that day will come someday. Bring on that day because it’s not a dream it’s a goal that can be reached with just a little effort. So in all, don’t ignore the past in the attempt to maintain peace. We must remember the past and learn from it; that is its highest value. If somehow we forget the past, we are truly doomed to repeat it.

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