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Overpopulation and starvation, two words synonymous with World Hunger in the society that exists today. When these two factors are associated with children, death becomes the product. The vicious circle of overpopulation, overstressed food markets and fields, governmental controls, and poverty lead to the hunger and starvation of the people, especially the children. We have definitely seen the pictures, large tummies protruding from frail bodies that seem will topple over come the slightest wind, flies and maggots feasting on little one s eyes and escaping from the mash served in community bowls. I think this scene, as depicted on television, can wrench one s stomach into a million knots.

We have also been thoroughly disgusted by the water supply, which evidently serves as a public urinal, bathing, and public drinking source. The poverty apparent on television strikes at the heart of each and every one of us. The poverty level is grossly apparent. The shacks with no roofs, the lack of needed heat, lack of a cooling system, water, and bathrooms, all indicate the life styles of most individuals in the under developed countries. A combination of all these factors claim the lives of about thirty-five to forty children PER minute. That comes to 57,600 lives a day. I think that is sick. We, the developed countries, need to help these unfortunate ones. Aren t the numbers convincing enough? I guess Mighty Bill Clinton does not care enough about his own brothers and sisters to make a stand and tell the world the injustice we are committing as we sit in our comfortable houses, drinking our Brita Water.

Yet who suffers the most? The children? The parents? The answer is the children. The parents in the developed world feed and clothe their children before they even think about themselves, but the parents in the under developed world must eat to produce and they need to produce to get food on the table, as a result; the children are left to starve. The malnourished body leads to the wasting of brain tissue, as well as the deterioration of other organs. The intellect of a starving child is so far below his well-nourished peers. The body wastes away from the inside, and the hunger pains are no longer the nightly lullaby. Death is but a step away. Children who do by some strange miracle succeed to adolescence are usually so impaired, that any education is laughable, so the only recourse they have to survive is fieldwork, migrant work, or manual labor. This then begins another cycle of starvation.

The sad commentary of this problem of world hunger is that it is repairable. As a US citizen we can do so much more than sending in our eighty cents a day to hunger/health organizations. The US has the land to raise the food, yet most is used by the livestock, so the Developed World can have their meat and potato meals. We can change our eating habits to provide the grain necessary for the consumption by humans, but of course, as I previously pointed out, it is not the end of the solution. Government and politicians must then be willing to distribute the available produce to the people directly. The use of a middle man the jack up of cost, or in some instances, be lost in the commotion of the bureaucracy that governs the Under Developed Nations.

I think world hunger stinks. The fact that it could be suppressed, not exactly solved, really makes me angry. I do not believe in world hunger. I think it is the laziness of our society and many others. The people who really need our welfare checks are not getting them and the poor in the Developed Countries are using and abusing their country’s generosity. The poor in the under developed nations are human and like us, deserve a better chance then the one bestowed upon them. I think popular political figures need to take a stand and crack down on the situation as stated above.

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