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In today?s society I believe we have lost the traditional work ethic of long ago. Being brought up in a traditional family and around a population mainly comprised of Amish, I have come to understand the work ethic that America has lost. Amish are people who lead a simple religious life unaffected by automobiles, electricity, modern appliances, or other modern convinces. This Simple puritan life is based solely around god with a strong work ethic as the backbone. Long hours are spent hand plowing the field with a horse, turning butter for family consumption, and taking pride in homemade items.

Growing up around this, I see America as losing the strong work ethic of their fathers and grandfathers. People in general as showing the lack of dedication and pride in their work. Working in a factory this last summer, I saw that the corporate world functions on money and mass production. Worker Unions has also slid into a loss in pride. The main goal of workers is the personal gain of money, not quality and workmanship.

Along with the work ethic in the corporate world is the work ethic based in the home. As technology increases and connivances arise, Americans are becoming increasingly lazy and the over all work ethic has been lost.

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