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Contrary to popular belief intimacy and honesty doesn’t mean you should tell all

to your partner or potential partner. Sharing too much information can be

destructive to a relationship. You might feel better if you spill your guts, but

your partner most times ends up feeling much worse. Let’s take a look at sexual

secrets. Tell only on a need to know basis. You needn’t tell your lover how many

other partners you have had before he came along, and certainly don’t give any

details of past experiences. It won’t help your relationship and if something

happened that has profoundly affected you and/or will continue to have an impact

on your life, you should tell your partner. He doesn’t have to know that you

have dated someone once or twice, but he should be told of a long term or

otherwise serious relationship, especially if you were married or engaged

before. Withholding information can hurt a relationship if there are serious or

ongoing issues between you and your partner. Money is always a touchy subject

for couples. Couples should talk with one another about money issues; there

should be no secrets when it comes to finances within a serious relationship.

When it comes to family secrets, you may want to tell all in a new relationship,

but, don’t tell how uncle Lou dresses up like Cinderella at the family New Years

party after 2 drinks, and sings there’s no place like home. The relationship

between you and your partner might not last, and how would you like everyone in

your Sociology class to know that about dear old Uncle Lou? Keep it to yourself

until they are officially in the family. I know you want "no secrets"

between you two from the start, but think first before you turn out your family.

Only tell secrets that are pertinent to the situation at hand. Let’s move on to

personal secrets. If there are any secrets, he should hear them from you. You

must use your own best judgment as to how much and how far back you should go

when spilling those little secrets. Don’t tell him secrets just to get them off

your chest, which is not fair to him or yourself. If the secret is a life or

death piece of information, he or she certainly has a right to know. If the

secret is going to come out eventually, your partner should hear it from you.

Revealing secrets can make the two of you closer, but do so slowly and with

caution. Trust is something a couple builds over time.

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