Woman And Equal Opportunities


Woman And Equal Opportunities Essay, Research Paper

Woman in the sixties have had many different roles than woman in the nineties. Life for woman has changed dramatically, to their advantage throughout the years. Today woman have gained many new rights and responsibilities, and now have equal opportunities as men.

As a woman in the sixties, her everyday responsibilities would include cooking, cleaning, laundry and watching the kids. She would remain in the house all day long as a house wife. Woman would be treated as if they didn t know how to do anything. There job would mostly revolve around house cleaning, and taking care of the children. Woman in the sixties started to take control and fight for their rights. They were tired of the attitude, that woman weren t good enough. They wanted the same equal rights as men did. They fought to have equal pay, and the opportunity to get any job they wanted to with out discrimination of sex. In the late sixties some woman went as far as even having many rally s. In some rally s woman would burn their bra s to try to prove they were as equal as men.

Woman have come along way, they have many equal rights now such as the right to vote, and equal pay, and now there are equal opportunity employers. Today it is not unusual for woman to run for government positions. Hopefully one day we will see a woman running this country. In some households the woman of the house are the “bread winners.” Which was unthinkable in the sixties. Today woman have had many big roles in society to make the world what it is today.

In conclusion Woman have come a long way, they have gotten bills and laws passed stating that nobody can discriminate against, age, gender, color and many others. Woman battled many years to become equal, and one day they will come out on top.

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