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Without Words

At the beginning of the story Jan was out on a mission his goal was to find the person who made all the tracks. So Jan set out day and night he was determined to see whom the mysterious person was traveling before him. He found out that the person in front of him was named Mathieu. Down the trail he left Jan noticed that the man, Mathieu, stopped at a cabin and took some candles and grub and set off. Then Jan noticed that the items were gone and so he became more furious. So Jan was on a mission to kill Mathieu. Then one day when he was traveling he saw the man he was looking for. It was Mathieu. So he approached him as if he was going to kill him. But Mathieu was totally nice to Jan. Mathieu knew he wanted to kill him. Mathieu noticed that his britches were torn and told his wife to stitch them for Jan. The couple also gave Jan food and shelter. When Jan sat back and noticed what Mathieu and his wife has done for him he totally changed and looked at the couple in a different perspective. So Jan?s character changed to the better. He started out negative and willing and ready to kill but by the end of the story he was loving and nice.

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