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Winning Attitude Essay, Research Paper

A winning attitude is being a good sport. People who always

brag about winning don’t have a winning attitude. Not all people have a

winning attitude. Although a lot do. When you play a game and a

person always says that they are going to win, then they don’t have a

winning attitude. When you are playing a game with somebody and both

of you play fair then you both have winning attitudes. A winning

attitude helps alot in games.

Some people only care about winning. Thats not a winning

attitude. When you play a game and the other person loses, if they are

all upset and angry, they should not play because they dont have a

winning attitude. Sometimes people like to cheat just to win a game.

When half of the time the person who cheated ends up losing. Then

they look bad because they lost even though they cheated. So, don’t

cheat, cheaters never win. Always play fair.

When you play a game don’t be rude to the other player(s). And

don’t be rude to your own teammates. If you play a game like

basketball, don’t be a ballhog and not pass the ball to anyone else.

Share the ball and let the team win the game, don’t win the game for the

team. Just one person can’t win the whole game by themself. It takes a

whole team to win. Teamwork is what makes the team, and what gives

you, and the rest of the team a winning attitude. All of these factors

are important to have a winning attitude.

Even when you lose a game you still need a winning attitude.

After the game go shake hands with the other team. Say good game or

good job. If you or somebody you know gets all mad or upset if they

lose a game tell them that they don’t have a winning attitude.

Even if you have a winning attitude encourage others to have one

too. The more winning attitudes, the more winners, or example; After

a baseball game you don’t see the baseball players yelling or screaming

at eachother. They ALL walk out on the field and shake hands a nd say

good game. So remember, even if you win or lose, you should always

have a winning attitude.

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