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Why Take Enterprise And Innovation Essay, Research Paper

Teens are facing a major unemployment rate when they come out of High School. This unemployment rate could be cut if students would learn and grasp knowledge of business, economy, and new technology. This course should help in grasping all those ideas. This essay will start this process of learning by setting goals and showing how they can be met. The real world is tuff and unpredictable. With this course, preparing for the real world will be much easier.

Signing up for Enterprise and Innovation is as simple as watching the news. Just watching the news tell us about the roller coaster ride called economy and our unemployment rate will make anyone jump and sign up. Signing up just is smart. To succeed in the real world, an edge is needed. This edge starts by picking up a pencil and signing up for Enterprise and Innovation. With this edge a job should be easier to get and more enjoyable.

The goals that were set for this course are quite simple, relative to each other, and helpful. My major goal is to comprehend an edge and understanding in searching for a job and/or running a successful business. This goal also branches off into many smaller goals or steps. One of these steps is to gain experience by taking this course. The experience I will gain is about running a business and by getting knowledge of our economy to help get a job and help keep or get a job promotion . Another step is to seize more experience in interacting with people in a business. This experience will help extremely at giving better knowledge of how a business runs by its job force.

Many things have to be done and met to reach these goals. Though they may seem hard or easy to reach, all goals may grow, shrink, or change entirely. Through this course, focus and concentration is essential. Another way to reach these goals is to not just focus in one direction but open your mind to focus in many directions. This may need information from others, but that is another way of reaching these goals. Cooperation with people is major key in reaching goals. This cooperation is an easy way to reach the goals that were set.

The real world is tough and unpredictable. This course will help prepare, anyone, for what the real world is really like. This course will help set not only goals I have for this course, Enterprise and Innovation, but will help set long term goals for when a job or business is attained. These goals are not hard to attain if aimed with focus on the target. With this course, I should be able to stick my head into the lions’ mouths called unemployment and a stumbling economy.

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