Why Nature Is A Large Matter I


Why Nature Is A Large Matter I Essay, Research Paper

Environmental issues are a major concern facing the world today. The detraction of the Ozone Layer, Deforestation, and numerous oil spills are issues leading to end of the world.

Oil spills I believe are one of the most polluting and unfixable problems in the world today. Oil spills occur all around the world large or small. No matter the size it will still harm the environment in one way or the other. One recent spill was in the rivers of South America. The company called Petrobras caused the environmental disturbance. The company was charged with over a 60 million dollar fine according to an article in Geographical Magazine. This spill was the second largest with 4 million-liter leak. The oil spilled into two rivers, which disturbed the life surrounding the areas. Within the next 2 years the company made another spill which leaked 1.3 million liters into the rivers. There have much more and worse oil spills than this one. The Ixtoc I oil well in S Gulf of Mexico on June 3, 1979 spilled 600,000 tons. Nowruz oil field in the Persian Gulf on Feb. 1983 spilled around 600,000 tons. Atlantic Empress & Aegean Captain, off Trinidad and Tobago on July 19, 1979 spilled (caused by collision) 300,000 tons.

Deforestation is another environmental issue today.

The destruction of any tree for unimportant reasons such as making paper is wrong. Trees that support any life especially endangered animals should be protected. In some areas in the world such as the rainforests of Africa there are acres of trees being destroyed by the minute. The trees once supported the life of the species called Miss Waldron s red colobus monkey. This loud creature that once roamed the earth is now almost certainly gone. It was the mistreatment of their environment is what killed them. To save the environment we must protect all life as much as possible.

The deteration of the Ozone Layer is a potential

environment disturbance. This problem which was first world widely addressed in 1985 will slowly solve itself in a long period of time. Deteration was first cause by the spread of CFC s. CFC s or fluorocarbons were mainly produced by spray cans, refrigerators, and air conditioners in the 1970 s and 80 s. CFC levels will drop enough so the Ozone Layer will produce itself again in another 50 years if the production of CFC is stopped. These holes in the Ozone Layer can let in too much UV rays, which could produce skin disease and other health problems not to mention the melting of glaciers and the massive amounts of water.

In conclusion to my article there are other issues in

the world besides these. These are just a few of many. The only way to stop these problems is not just to talk about it but do it. The environment is essential to life itself we need to solve these problems and others.

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