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Why Isn’t Shakespeare’s Othello Called Iago Essay, Research Paper

Should William Shakespeare’s Othello be called Iago? It is possibly his greatest tragedy, yet it has many problems, curiosities, and questions. That is one specific question that should definately be thought about. I believe Othello is a good name for the play. It makes the reader think. What is Othello going to do? How is he going to do it? And what they don’t realize is that it’s Iago who brings about all these acts of evil. Iago is the deceptive one who is hiding behind the scenes. Some people would think that it should be called Iago for many reasons, but not I.

Iago is a weird and confusing character. Whatever the reason may be he is trying vigorously to ruin Othello’s life. Why? Does he want some sort of revenge against any other character? Or is he just envious of someone? For all we know he could just be pure evil? His malign and exciting speeches interest the reader a lot. He is a down right equivocator, and a deceptive person, and an bright and sneaky character. He has a thing for deceiving others into believing what is not true, and he has a bad opinion of everyone yet he has no conscience. He fooled everyone into thinking he was an trustworthy man. He had more power than anyone else in this play. So what’s wrong with naming the play Iago, who has greatly deceived Othello? Iago deceived Othello, Othello’s life is ruined. He has more lines than Othello does in this play, he’s more in the middle of things than him, and is also more interesting than Othello as a character. The play is not named after Iago, because Iago is a villain, and even though he is one of the main characters he is not the hero. Othello is nothing like Iago who does do a good job of persuading the opposite of the truth. Othello is a respectable Man who is fit of pity. He has enthusiasm, command, and other admirable traits.

The play begins with the arrival of Othello to Venice, everyone somehow knows him.. Iago uses Othello’s faults to take advantage of his weakness. Othello is to generous, which makes him a perfect target to the plotting of Iago. Othello is a victim in this play, a victim of Iagos evil. Othello is vulnerable to the persuasive tactics of Iago. Othello and everyone else saw Iago as an “honest” man. This makes Iago gain more assurance for his overblown pride because now he knows his plans will work. None of the other characters would ever thing of “honest” Iago as a liar. He can easily manipulate other characters , and that is all that Iago need to put a furthur chilling into his cold evil soul. Othello listens to Iago because he trusts Iago, he is trustworthy. Iago’s malign equivocation feeds on Othello’s simple mind. Othello never thought someone would use him like this or if someone would it wouldn’t be Iago

Ask yourself the question again, why is the play called “Othello” not “Iago”? Iago is a very important charcter. When you first begin the play you are not sure of his capabilities. If the play were to be called “Iago” it would put to much attention towards him. He is a vital character in the play, he controls the play. Othello is his head puppet whom he tangles and jerks around. . He is devious, smart, and most importantly, powerful. Not having the play named after him changes the way the reader will look at the book as he or she reads. As you begin to read a book named “Othello” you think about what Othello is going to do which is misleading and adds to the surprise of Othello being controlled by Iago. Even though Iago is the key character of the play its only what he does that provokes killing. Iago fools Othello numerous times, and he is Iago’s target throughout the play. Under the name of “Iago” this play would be ruined for the reader from the beginning. Iago is a sly deceiving villain who strikes with no mercy. I believe that he is not only the greatest villain of this play, but also the greatest in all of Shakespeare’s plays. “Othello” is the way to go.


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