Why I Live Where I Live


Why I Live Where I Live Essay, Research Paper

Why I live where I live

I think that it would be much less time consuming to write about why I shouldn’t live here. I find something special in where I live now that I have never experienced anywhere else. Even though I have only lived here for under two weeks I have never been so happy with another living environment, or felt so much unending freedom. At this point I should tell you why am living here . About three years ago I moved to a huge farm 26 south of Twin Falls with my family, a place that I would not even recommend to the crew of “Little House on the Prairie”. Not a good place to even attempt to maintain a social life not to mention when I got a girl friend. I went to Filer high school and drove an hour and ten minute everyday, makes you really have sympathy for those grey hound bus drivers. But then came college, did I really want to stay condemned to this barbaric no man’s land? Not over my dead body, I needed to find somewhere close to my life to live and this had to happen fast!

As I am walking across the CSI campus I look over toward the dorms and think why don’t I just move into the dorms so that is exactly what I did. There are so many advantages that the dorms offer. For starters I and so close to school, I can walk to anywhere on campus in five minutes and my food is two hundreds away, what else could a guy want? Well I am the kind of person that is hard to satisfy.

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