Who Would You Vote For In 2000


Who Would You Vote For In 2000 Essay, Research Paper

Question: If you could have voted in the recent presidential election, how would you have voted and why?

This years Presidential Election has been a real exciting one, well only if you’re really

involved with politics, but even if you’re not ,still in your head it must have passed through once

or twice wondering who will win Bush or Gore. If I had a chance to vote I would have voted

for Al Gore. I am planning on showing you some reasons why I would have voted for him . 3

major issues that I’m going to touch are Education , Abortion, and Gun control. I’ll

show you my views and where I agree and disagree with Al Gore.

Al Gore and I both agree on the abortion policy. He supports pro-abortion rights and

so do I. He opposes “Partial-birth” abortion except when the mothers life is in danger. This

“Partial-birth” has been banned in 28 out of 50 states. But out of those 28, 20 of them are

facing the courts. Even if a law is passed saying that it is legal it still might be hard to find

someone to do it because more and more doctors aren’t willing to do this. That is way Gore is

against a Constitutional Amendment to ban abortion. Gore supports federal funding of

abortions. I agree with this to an extent. I feel if this is on your free will to get it done you should

have to pay for it but if you were raped and you went to the athorities I feel as though the

Government should have to pay for this. But that is just my thought. So I sort of agree with

Gore on that . If you Looked at it I agree with Gore on His abortion policies.

The next issue is Education in the United States. Gore supports National Testing. I

agree with this. If this means that testing all over the U.S. will show what cities are in need of

more help in education I’m all for it. The schooL vouchers. This Gore opposes . From what Iknow about vouchers is that the state gives money (which is the vouchers) to parents of childrenwho go to public schools. This money is used to help parents pay for their child to go to privateor parochial schools. In this case it depends on where your child goes to school. Gore opposes this . Where I stand on this issue is that it doesn’t really matter to me. Peoples choice of where there child attends achool is their choice. So if you want to send your child to a private or parochial school that is your choice and you would feel as though the Governmant was “double dipping” by paying the fee for your child to go to private or parochial school and also paying the tax for public schools, so this issue really depends on where your child goes to school. I don’t have children so I yet don’t have to face this now . I’m sure when I am older I wiLL have an opinion on this. We’ll just wait and see. Charter Schools is another major issue under Education. Charter schools are separate from the traditional public school system but receivetheir money from the school district. One of the major differences between the public andcharter schools is that charter schools can hire and fire teachers more easily.Community groups such as teachers, parents, or foundations run charter schools. They can choose their ownapproach to teaching, such as back-to-basics or arts-centered. I think this is a great idea. Gore nd Bush both support this as do I. So on the educational scale I agree with Gore.

One of the other major subjects is Gun Control. There are 3 major issues under gun control(1) Trigger Locke (2) Registration System for all hand guns (3) Limiting Purchase Rates Gore supports all of these. Bush Supports just trigger locke but only under voluntary use.Bush opposes Limiting Purchase Rates and Registration System for all hand guns . Gore want’ to ban all “junk Guns”. I agree with Gore on all of his views on Gun control. Until there re less murders in the U.S. something needs to be done and I see this as the only way . Maybe hen the crim in the U.S. gets better we can go back and look over some of the gun laws but or now we need to enforce more gun laws.

Now I have touched just 3 of the issues that this election has been about. There are many more important one’s that I haven’t gone over. As you can see I agree with Al Gore. Thisdoesn’t mean that I don’t agree with some issues with Ralph Nadder or Bush but I side morewith Al Gore with the major issues. I feel as though these 3 subjects (education, gun control,and abortion ) will affect me greatly.

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