White Demons


White Demons Essay, Research Paper

White Demons

My Mom was herded onto a boat.

My dad was herded too.

My sister and I could only sit back and watch,

Until we were herded too.

Sitting in that stinky boat

Chained to the wall

Only made us remember

That hellish night before.

My mother sold

My dad moving on

I stepped to the board

And I was also sold

The master’s whip stung my back.

The master’s wife’s words stung my heart.

All I could think about was putting up a fight.

But I knew better, my life depended

On my decision to stay calm

Standing at a counter,

washing dishes and cooking food

I remembered the time long ago

And the ship I was forced to know

Time had made my life hell

Eternity was how it felt

Finally I found hope,

In the one I loved

The one I adored.

He was my hope my shinning joy!

Our children soon came.

Beautiful each one.

My life no longer hell I could go on

But then that awful day arrived

And they all stood on the block

All four of my children

Sold like life stock

My husband has been beat

He is bleeding in my arms

Will he die?

The answer only tomorrow will bring

Why had these white demons come?

Taken all I knew

And sent it in a whirl

All my love lost

What will tomorrow bring?

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