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What Would You Like A Computer To Do For You Essay, Research Paper

The first computer was invented almost 25 years ago. Since then, various improvements have been made to the computer. Recently, the internet was invented. This made a vast impact on our lives. As you can see, computers are an important part of our lives. We rely heavily on computers to do many everyday tasks for us and we cannot do without them. The computer is expected to be further developed in future as there are many things man wants the computer to do for them in order to make their work easier.

I personally would like the computer to be able to do many things for me. Firstly, I find the need to type alphabets on the keyboard and using a mouse to control the pointer extremely inconvenient, especially as we are prone to hitting the wrong keys and typing the wrong thing. I would like the computer to be able to have a holographic projection of different options from which I can select. As to selecting the options, why not have a touch-sensitive projection where people merely have to touch the holographic option on the projection to select the option they want? It would be much more convenient and hassle-free. It also reduces the time needed to work on the computer.

It would, however, be even better if we could invent a computer which can be controlled by the human mind alone. The computer is able to analyze the thoughts the human mind directs to it and follow the specific orders in the thoughts. This would really reduce the time and effort needed to operate a computer. It would be beneficial to all users of computers. This thought-controlling concept could be implemented in many other things, such as the television, radio, air-conditioner, even doors! In short, this concept would be very useful to the world in general if someone does manage to come up with an idea of how to control devices with the human mind.

The only drawback, though, is that people generally become lazy when everything is too convenient and too easy that people don t even have to move to get anything done.

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