What Is My Future


What Is My Future? Essay, Research Paper

Ever since I came to understand what I would like to be when I grow up, I dreamt to become an architect. The way I interpreted this field was like a child?s play, but I guess I was wrong. Many experiences within past thirteen years have changed my way of looking at the future. These experiences were interesting enough to change me as a person. The experience of working at the hospital and interviewing a doctor impacted me in the way I used to look at the future.

I never dreamt of becoming a doctor, until I actually got a chance during my high school year to go and interview a doctor and work at a hospital for one summer. It was ironic that I wanted to go into the field of architecture when I liked biology and I hated math. The doctor was a great help in making me understand what the field is like. The interview that I did was for a class project. Besides the doctor, the hospital that I worked at also changed the way I looked at my future. I worked at the hospital close to my house, where I volunteered to work. The first week was so boring, and it didn?t feel good looking at the people that checked in the hospital. Some of these people who checked in had lost arms or broken legs or had big stabs through their ribcages. As the days went by, the way these doctors deal with the situations started to get interesting and I thought these measures were astounding. The doctors at the Operation Room are the calmest people I have seen in my entire life. The way did the eye surgery on a 65 year old man was outstanding, I was amazed for a while. I think my capability of handling one of these situations is equivalent to these doctors once I trained in one of these situations. One night I dreamt of myself as becoming a doctor and helping the poor and the rich. From that day onwards I made a final decision to work hard and try to become a successful doctor.

I thank the doctor and all the personnel in the hospital who helped me make the right choice in choosing the right field for my future. This field I think shall be a prospect to my future.

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