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Weight Training

Due to the nature of my employment and future career plans I chose Weight Training to be my primary exercise. My busy college and work schedule leaves me less time to take care of health and fitness issues than I would like to. I found Weight Training to be most efficient method of exercise with regard to my schedule. I am 21 years old 220lb 6′02 male, with previous history of overfat. My current level of activity varies from 8 hours long walks and sometimes runs to 8 hours spent in the vehicle driving around. Weight lifting can be a fun, effective way to increase muscular strength, improve overall physical appearance and gain weight. Many weight lifting systems exist. That is why I chose Toning and Reduction (Maintenance) Weight Training program. I see Weight Training as very productive way to increase ones level of fitness and wellness without spending long hours running or riding a bike. I exercise 2-3 times a week, 50-70 minutes per session, that intensity gives me the energy I need within the time I can afford. I particularly chose Toning and Reduction program in regard with my martial art training I was and I will be taking during the summer. I want to maintain flexibility of my muscles in order to perform martial art exercise correctly and efficient. That brings me to the point where I need to discuss each benefit of Toning and Reduction program separately.

First off, Weight Training will greatly enhance my performance as a martial artist. The stronger muscles will protect bones and organs better, the weight bearing exercises of lifting aid in the development of stronger bones; not only is there direct martial art benefit in this – lesser tendency towards breaks in training – but as you age it lessens the likelihood of age-related bone disorders, and of course muscle burns more calories at rest than fat, therefore along with muscular strength and endurance you get productive weight loss method. We just naturally grow weaker as we age. We lose up to half a pound of muscle every year after age 25 without some kind of regular strength training. With weight training, we stay stronger longer and look better, too. The less muscle we have, the lower our metabolic rate. That’s why most adults get fatter as they get older. But by developing more muscle, you can boost your metabolism and actually be able to eat more without gaining weight if you work out with weights two or three times a week. I feel more confident, more in control, more able to do the kinds of things that make life worthwhile. Stronger muscles improved my sports performance. The stronger (and more flexible) I am, the less likely I am to suffer injuries that keep my from staying active. Strength training puts stress on bones and builds bone density, protecting from certain problems, especially osteoporosis.

No question, weight lifting carries a certain risk. Injuries can happen if you neglect technique, ignore advice about warm-ups and cool-downs or violation of basic safety rules. I know that the benefits far outweigh the risks but I believe it is necessary to mention certain hazards and disadvantages of Weight Training. First thing we think when mentioning Weight Training is INJURY. Any injury can take place in your gym if you do not follow certain guidelines and safety rules. And at the same time ANY injury can be avoided by simply following the regulations and paying attention what your instructor is telling you. Other disadvantages of weight training include but not limited to: monotonous routine of lifting weights, being indoors while exercising also can discourage you from working out, and I think needless to mention ..smell inside the gym with poor ventilation system. Another hidden risk of weight training is fanatism to become more and more bulky, that can affect some participants

Overall I found weight training to be the best way to achieve fitness and wellness we all need so much.

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