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he Western Whirlwind of Destruction which has been constantly blowing across

this country for decades and undermining the morals of the Youth, of more

recent times has found new victims in young men Muslim men and women who

appear to be voluntarily stepping into its evil path. And whilst this

“Tornado of the West” is leaving in its wake a continuous trail of

crushed moral values amongst our young brothers and sisters, the parents are

openly and unashamedly displaying an attitude of incredible irresponsibility

by aiding and abetting the youngsters in their suicidal ventures.

Clear evidence of this gross misbehaviour can be found, for instance, at

Muslim weddings and engagement parties where the type of conduct reminiscent

of the western way of life is fully exercised in its most naked form, where

Muslim men and women, boys and girls, act and do things that have nothing in

common with the actions and doings of true Muslims. Indeed, some of the

formalities which are considered indispensable (by modern standards) at these

gatherings are in diametric conflict with Islam and reminiscent of the times

of jahiliyyah (ignorance).

Notwithstanding the fact that western-styled garments are designed primarily

to emphasize the shape of the female body and to attract the attention of

members of the opposite sex, these immodest apparels are worn by Muslim women

who, in anticipation of the opportunity to show themselves off at impending

weddings or engagements, start making preparations on a lavish scale by

acquiring the more “modern” versions of these abominably styled clothing.

What is even more deplorable is the practice of equipping the bride with

several of these immodestly designed suits, and subjecting her to a most

humiliating display on an elaborately prepared stage after clothing her in an

exquisite western wedding gown and obliterating all her natural beauty with

western cosmetics. And to ensure perfection in the scrupulously observed

rituals of the west, the bride is provided with a retinue of bridesmaids,

flower-girls and page-boy, with their faces similarly disfigured with the

same satanic object of attracting the maximum of lu

stful stares. Crowds of people, including fashionably dressed men, are then

allowed to queue up to see the “puppet show” and quench their unholy thirsts

whilst trampling under their feet all Islamic standards of modesty.

This slaughter of Islamic morals and principles by no means ends here. Some

parents even go further and not only permit but actively encourage couples to

meet and speak, dine and dance and roam around together in cars in blatant

violation of the Sunnah of the Holy Prophet (S.A.W.). These extremely

dangerous divergences from traditional Islamic precepts are becoming more and

more common, and their perpetrators more and more shameless. In some Muslim

weddings, even dancing forms part of these revolting innovations. In the

words of Dr E.S. Sonners, “… dancing is fundamently sinful and

evil…..It is nothing more or less than damnable, diabolical, animal,

physical dissipation”. It is not certainly not beyond one’s imagination to

think of the lustful gazes and corruption of the minds of young,

impressionable audiences which such diabolical displays are bound to cause.

And as an ironical prelude, some invitation cards printed to advertise these

most insidious and sinful programmes are headed: “In the Nam

e of Allah…….”. What a mockery of Islamic ethics!

The following are some of the practices that are meticulously carried out

during matrimonial affairs despite the fact that they are either expressly

forbidden in Shariah, or have no bases in Islam:

The engaged couple meet at a public gathering where the boy holds the girl’s

hand and slips a ring onto her finger whilst the two look romantically at

each other. This act is void of modesty and completly foreign to Islamic

culture. It is furthermore, a flagrant violation of the Quranic Law of

Purdah. It is an evil innovation of the godless west , and those indulging in

it should take cognizance of the Prophet’s stern warning that “those who

imitate others will rise on the Day of Judgement as of them”.

The prohibition in Islam of the gathering and free mixing of the sexes is

nowhere else more flagrantly violated than at engagement and wedding feasts.

Members of both sexes, young and old, are accomodated in the same tent or

hall without so much as a curtain partition between them and to add insult to

injury, women, including immodestly dressed young spinsters, are waited upon

by men. What shameless impudence on the part of the organisers, who appear to

be blissfully unaware of the tremendous responsibility which they must

shoulder for the resultant decline in the moral standard of the Muslims.

Another very indecent practice copied from the west is the appearance on the

stage together of the married couple after the Nikah. Here, the new husband

presents his bride with a wedding ring, kisses her, and then (in a growing

number of cases) allows his friends to kiss her too! and that in full view of

the hundreds of guests! This is indeed the total and tragic destruction of

Islamic modesty and shame.

It has become a normal thing at Muslim weddings for the bridegroom to appear

before his mother-in-law to be showed with confetti and gifts of rings, ties,

hankies, etc. in full view of women guests whose envious eyes and flattering

tongues add to the morbidity of the whole act.

The parents take great pride in making a public display of the bride’s

“trousseau”, and advertising all the individual items therein, thus

wasting valuable time and effort which could otherwise have been more

fruitfully spent in teaching the bride how to conduct herself with credit in

her new responsiblities. This show (of the “trousseau”) is motivated by the

spiritually destructive elements of “riya”(ostentation) and


A large number of Nikah are performed in a specially rented hall or tent. The

Mosque as a central pivot of all Muslim religious activity is often ignored.

It is no exaggeration to say that many people regard a Nikah at the Musjid as

“inconvient” simply because they are well aware that some of their

ill-conceived western rituals are too shameless to be permitted there.

However, according to the Tradition of the Prophet(S.A.W.) marriages

performed in the House of Allah, immediately preceded and followed by

prayers, will attract the maximum of Allah’s Blessings, whereas this is not,

and cannot, be the case where alternative venues are chosen with the express

purpose of facilitating the performance of things Un-Islamic.

Many people are known to be labouring under the misconception that the

conduction of marriages on certain specific Islamic dates is contrary to

Islamic Law. Such beliefs are not only unfounded, but are also against the

grain of common sense. Likewise, the notion that it is incumbent upon the

bride to spend her first Ramadaan and Eid after marriage at the parents’ home

has no basis in Islam.

In recent years, more and more innovatory and satanic western practices have

been added by the Muslim commercial elites whose coffers are bursting at the

seams as a result of the inflationary trends and economic booms of the past

decade. Among these are the European-orientated fashions of printing

expensive, pictorially-embossed “thank you” cards, and, more despicably, the

insidious practice of a male member of the family escorting the bride

arm-in-arm from the comparative seclusion of her home, through the mixed

crowd of envious guests, right on to the stage for the ultimate “puppet”

show, and all these farcical and morbid, soul-destroying scenes being “shot”

for posterity by specially appointed and professionally equipped “video and

photography” teams, with a fully fledged and “high ranking” musical band in

close attendance! Within the self-same decade, the progressive deterioration

of the bride’s wedding-day garments from bad to worse in the very latest and

obnoxious “see-thru” materials has been causing

grave misgivings among the Ulama , many of whom are known to have turned down

invitations from close acquaintances for fear of being confronted with scenes

too shameless to comprehend. Several more instances can be cited where a

great deal of expense and trouble are incurred over acts that are

counter-productive of Islamic ethical and moral values. It is a tragic fact

that each year hundreds of thousands of Ranks are squandered in the process

of upholding and intensifying these senseless, soul-destroying procedures.

“Lo! the squanderers were ever brothers of the devils, and the devil was ever

an ingrate to his Lord.” (xvii-27) “The best of marriage is one over which

the least trouble and expense have been incurred” is a most off-flouted maxim

of the Holy Prophet(S.A.W.). The Great Master’s sound teachings have been

thoughlessly and savagely thrown overboard and substituted by the

fast-decaying cultural values of the godless west.

Someone was heard to remark at a recent wedding reception: “Here is part of

the reason for the drought….and for escalating Muslim divorce rate….(to

heights unknown in previous generations)….and for the downward plunge of

the Muslims…. into the abyss of physical and spritual destruction….in

this world and the next……”

May Allah grant Hidaayat, to one and all! Aameen


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