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WAR IS PEACE leads people to believe that war is a good thing when in reality it is only good for the government that they should believe this. Ironically, it is almost true, at lest in 1984. Because the states are at war, they are locked in perpetual deadlock. The war never endangers any of the state’s important land and it prevents the equal distribution of goods by consuming them. Overproduction and equal distribution of goods would allow true socialism, which the party was never interested in from the beginning. The Party realizes that throughout history a society divides itself into high, middle, and low classes. The high class is maintained by keeping the middle and low classes in constant drudgery and everyone is kept content by means of doublethink and newspeak. The only peace war creates is reserved for the government.

I think that War is Peace is completely true. Let us use, as an example, the Great Depression in America; this was an awful time in our history, there was extreme poverty, incredible inflation, and unprecedented loss of innocent lives. No one really knows how long the Great Depression would have lasted if it weren t for World War II. It is almost as if War gives society something to do when it gets bored. War helps the economy by forcing War Machines to be manufactured, therefore improving stocks and net-worthy of companies, and War provides for War Bonds.

I think that War is Peace is completely false. In War young men and women die fighting for their country, now where does Peace come-in in that last statement? It does not involve itself in that last statement. Peace means not at war. If one were to go back and look at every War ever fought, one wouldn t ever find a Peaceful War.

This is where I draw a conclusion; in my own opinion I do believe that War is Peace, I look at this fact. Again, go back to World War II; in the 1920s there was tremendous prosperity, in the 1930s there was a Great Depression, in the 1940s there was War, and in the 1950s there was tremendous prosperity once again. I believe that War brings Peace.

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