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Spallino, Marc

English 8-F


List # 4

1. Amiable-(am-I-a-ble) adj.- generally agreeable,

All of the teachers were amiable towards the no hat rule.

2. Appropriation-(a-ppr-pri-a-tion) v- something that has been appropriated.

The teacher said that the appropriation of his shirt wasn’t exceptable.

3. Arbitrarily-(ar-bi-traly) n- the right or power of deciding.

As Americans we have arbitraly rights to vote.

4. Blunt-(blunt) adj- having an edge that is not sharp or point.

For a standerdized test you must use a pencil that is not blunt.

5. Coup-De-_Grace-(co-up-de-grace) n- a finishing blow.

The person who painted her nails said that they would be dry if she gave it a coup-de-grace to her nails.

6. Discrimination-(dis-crim-in-at-ion) n-the act of discriminating.

The African American lady said that she was being discriminated

because she was made to sit at the back of the bus.

7. Dispassionatte-(dis-pass-ion-atte) adj- not influenced by strong passion.

At his mom’s wake Dave was ver dispassionatee because he didn’t want to cry in front of everyone.

8. Florid-(flor-id) adj- covered with a lot of leaves.

After playing in the leaves for an hour Mike was florid all over his body.

9. Inaudible-(in-aud-I-ble) adj – not audible

Most shy people are also called inaudible.

10. Infinite(in-fin-ite) adj- never ending.

When I was at the opera the singing felt infinite to me.

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