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A Tour of the restaurantOn a casual day drive through Old Town Chicago, people may drive by a restaurant with a big sign with two large strange Chinese looking characters and on the bottom says Kamehachi. As one look more closely, the restaurant is pact with people. The valet parking is busy running around, and a line of people waiting to get in. Once people walking into the restaurant they will hear the sound of traditional Japanese music. The room is well lighted with soft halogen lights. A sushi bar seats no more than 12 people and right behind it a large traditional Japanese painting of waves with Fuji mountain, the tallest mountain in Japan, as the back drop. Over the sushi bar, hangs an unique Japanese roof top ceiling. As one walk down the long narrow room, through the small tables, they will find themselves in a garden. Since its winter, the garden is equipped with heating lamps. In the center of the garden sets a typical Japanese rock fountain. The running water provides a soothing sound for the ears.

One may experience a sense of shock when enter the second floor of the restaurant. One instantly gets the sense of something dark and mysterious. On the back drop of a royal red, the room with fill with many unique decorations such as over size Japanese calligraphy, traditional Japanese kimono, large straw barrels, etc. The look is traditional with a modern twist. The sound is contemporary, even a little edgy. Spirit is wild and untamed. One will instantly find that the room is occupied with mostly younger crowd. The seating arrangement in the room is somewhat irregular, some booth, some tables, even a traditional private room. In the back, a small bar serves alcohol only. The menu is both descriptive and helpful. There’s actually an item called Sushi 101 for the beginners. Of course, if you are a seasonal Japanese cuisine patron you will find all kinds of selections. And for the adventurous, an Oyster Shooter is a must.

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